Häufig gestellte Fragen

Why do I need to register?

When you register, you enter your e-mail address, set a password and a user name of your choice. Pay attention to the correct spelling of the e-mail address when entering the e-mail. Our system automatically sends you an e-mail with an activation link to the e-mail address you provided. By registering, we want to make sure that they are not false and spam logins and prevent unwanted abuse. Your details and e-mail address are spam-protected on our site and therefore can not be found by spammers. Of course, your information can not be viewed by third parties. At any time, you can change the information in "My Account" under "Your Personal Information" by clicking "Change Data".



I forgot my password or username

If you forget your password, you can request a new one on the login page under "Forgotten password". You will be sent immediately by e-mail a "token" and a link to our website.

The "token" is a line of code that you need to copy into the default field on the page linked in your email. Then you can set a new password.

If you have forgotten your username, you can have your username sent to your email address on the login page under "Forgot Username".




Where is my activation mail?


After you have pressed the "Send registration" button during registration, an activation email will be sent to your email address immediately .

If you can not find this email, search the spam filter in your mail client and mail server. As the activation mail is generated automatically, free mail providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Web.de, Gmx, AOL and many others add that the activation mail is filtered out as spam.

If you still can not find the activation email, if possible, use another email, such as the business email address to activate the account, and later change the email address to your private email address. To do so, you must log in to the website after activation (under the heading "My Account" or on the right, below the main menu and search function). Under My profile / My details you can then exchange the e-mail address as desired.


How can I delete my user account?

If a registered member wishes to delete his user account at Deutsche in Melbourne and no longer use the functions of Deutsche in Melbourne that are subject to registration, the user agreement can be terminated at any time without giving reasons and without observing any deadlines.

The termination takes place in the community area . In the section "Profile - Edit Profile" you will find the link "Delete Profile" in the upper right corner. With this button the user account can be deleted. Subsequently, the user account at Deutsche in Melbourne will be irrevocably removed with all personal information from the database of Deutsche in Melbourne. A deleted profile can not be restored.

Despite deleting a profile, the forum entries remain under the user name.


How can I delete my newsletter subscription?

When registering on the German in Melbourne website, you were automatically signed up for the DiM newsletter. If you want to delete this subscription, you can easily do that
Thus your email address is deleted from the newsletter distributor and the newsletter will no longer be sent to you.


How can I send private messages?

Registered users can send private messages without having to reveal their email. After you have logged in, you will see a small button under the image of a forum user with "PM" (personal message). If you click on it, a window appears where you can enter your message. The user you contacted will receive an email with a link to retrieve your message.


How can I add events to the calendar?

Each registered member can independently register events in the calendar of the website .
Log in to German in Melbourne and click on the menu item " Calendar ".
At the top of the calendar page you will find a "+" symbol (to be entered). Click on
the "+" symbol and enter the details of the event in the mask.
All entries must have a contact person.
Then click on "Add event" and the event will automatically be added to the calendar of the website .

Events should only be entered by the organizers themselves. Please always include contact details.


Can we publish announcements on www.deutscheinmelbourne.net?

Naturally. As a community website, we are very keen to publish many current topics around the German community in Melbourne.
Please send us your contribution in an unformatted email, preferably as a .txt file. Photos in JPG format with a resolution of 72dpi and a size of 225x146 pixels.
If you have the announcements as posters, you can also send us the poster as a 640x480px JPG.
Please note that all announcements must be written as articles.
Events should also have been previously entered by you in the calendar.
We usually prepare articles for publication Friday night. Please contact us in time.


Can we exchange links with www.deutsche-melbourne.net?

We only link pages from organizations under the "Links" menu, which present a clearly recognizable value to the German community in Melbourne and usually pursue non-commercial goals.
Companies can register themselves in the company directory and of course set links to their own website. In this way, we can ensure that the links available to you are always up to date.



For whom is the corporate directory?

The enterprise directory is available to all companies for disposal , how they the following inclusion criteria to meet :

  • It concerns a German or German-speaking company
  • You trade in German products or offer services with at least one German-speaking contact person
  • Your company is relevant to the German community in Melbourne


How can I enter my company in the company directory?

In order to register your company in www.deutschinmelbourne.net, you must create an account on the website. If you have already registered, log in with your username and password.
For your entry, you can specify many details, so that you not only present yourself attractive to the German community, but also get a very good ranking among the search engines. Your entry will be read by us before the activation.
Once released, updates are automatically applied. This means that you can make changes yourself at any time. If you are logged in, you will find an "Edit" button above your entry.

The entry will be published for one year and must be renewed thereafter.


Important instructions

Eine Identifizierung von Personen im Internet ist nur eingeschränkt möglich. Daher lässt sich seitens Deutsche in Melbourne nicht mit Sicherheit ausschließen, dass bei einer Registrierung falsche Kontaktdaten hinterlegt werden.
Deutsche in Melbourne leistet keine Gewähr für die tatsächliche Identität eines Nutzers; ein Nutzer hat sich selbst von der Identität eines anderen Nutzers zu überzeugen.

Die Nutzung des Forums und des Deutsche in Melbourne-Netzwerkes und seiner Anwendungen darf ausschließlich zu privaten Zwecken erfolgen.
Nutzer dürfen daher die Kontaktdaten anderer Nutzer, die über das Deutsche in Melbourne Netzwerk zugänglich sind, für keine anderen Zwecke nutzen, als für die eigene private Kommunikation. Nicht gestattet ist deshalb z.B. die Verwendung der Daten eines Nutzers zum Zwecke der Personaldatenerhebung durch Arbeitgeber, Ausbildungsbetriebe, Personal- bzw. Arbeitsvermittler, Universitäten, Fachhochschulen oder durch vergleichbare öffentliche oder private Bildungseinrichtungen.

Jede Nutzung, die darauf abzielt, das Deutsche in Melbourne-Netzwerk, über die zur Verfügung gestellte Anwendungen oder zugänglich gemachte Inhalte geschäftlich, gewerblich oder sonstig kommerziell zu verwenden, ist untersagt.

Das Konzept mein Konto bei Deutsche in Melbourne basiert auf der Veröffentlichung von Daten und Inhalten, die über das Deutsche in Melbourne-Netzwerk für andere Nutzer einsehbar sind. Allerdings entscheidet der Nutzer, ob und welche Daten und Inhalte er anderen Nutzern zugänglich machen möchte: Zum einen bestimmt der Nutzer selbst, ob und in welchem Umfang er persönliche Daten und Inhalte überhaupt in das angelegte Profil („Mein Konto") einträgt; zum anderen können Nutzer jederzeit Einstellungen vornehmen, um die Veröffentlichung ihrer Daten und Inhalte zu beschränken.

Ein Verstoß gegen die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen oder den Verhaltenskodex hat eine Verwarnung des Nutzers, eine temporäre oder permanente Sperrung seines Profils oder eine Profillöschung zur Folge.
Profiles that reflect a user other than the actual identity will be deleted without warning at the first violation.