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 Business Name Christine Weber - Psychotherapie
 Contact Person Christine Weber
Address 10 Little Chapel St
Phone 0403851198
We are Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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Website http://www.christineweber.com.au

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Throughout life many of us face challenging situations which are difficult to deal with. At times our ways of handling them does not seem successful. Maybe you are experiencing a life event which is hard for you to deal with on your own. During such times professional counselling can support you.

Some people seek counselling for a particular issue, when only a few sessions are needed. Other people feel their present situation reflects accumulated troubles, and hope to gain a deeper understanding of them. This process usually takes longer and requires the attention of psychotherapy.

A trusting and safe environment allows you to explore personal situations in more depth. You will be talking about yourself and your situation, how you feel, what you think. This process allows clarity and understanding of your challenges in life.

In a supportive relationship, the counsellor provides objectivity and highlights aspects you may not have considered. This illuminates your possibilities which empower you to consider your options and the possibility for change.

10 Little Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia