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DiM Brunch-Treff im “The Grain Store”

Es ist wieder soweit: Zeit zum Kennenlernen oder aber Wiedertreffen von anderen Deutschsprachigen in Melbourne. Dieses Mal treffen wir uns zum Brunchen! Was könnte es Besseres geben an einem Sonntag! Eine fantastische Gelegenheit, zum Netzwerken und eine angenehmen Zeit in netter Gesellschaft zu verbringen! Thema: Wellbeing in tough times! Tipps zum schnellen Umsetzen!

Ingo Meissner und Melanie Stolpe, zwei der drei deutschen Besitzer des Cafés “The Grain Store” in der Melbourner Innenstadt, haben ein wunderbares Brunch-Menu für uns zusammengestellt, das auf jegliche Dietvorschriften zugeschnitten werden kann, und im Preis mit inbegriffen ist. Und eine kleine Überraschung gibt es auch!

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Tickets sind strikt limitiert, um allen COVID-19 Sicherheitsvorkehrungen gerecht zu werden. Einlass nur mit Ticket!

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How to use your LinkedIn Profile & Presence to harness its power and transition strongly into the “new normal” to attract new business & new opportunities in 7 simple steps.

It’s high time to position yourself!


COVID-19 has changed our lives and the way we work and do business together.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, internet traffic has spiked by up to 70% with traffic on LinkedIn increasing by 55%, the highest number for all Social Media platforms.

While we are emerging out of Australia’s and the world’s lockdown and transitioning into a “new normal”, research shows, that our newly formed online habits – like an even stronger focus on online information gathering and research – will continue.

Webinars and events

More than ever, your online presence – in particular on LinkedIn – has become crucial for you to be seen and heard, since it replaces our physical presence and interaction with each other. Hence, for professionals, executives and business owners now is the time to harness the power of LinkedIn and strategically update your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform has long become a powerful search engine and in 95% of all cases, today, it is the first impression you’ll make on a new client, customer, business connection or employer.

LinkedIn offers incredible opportunities to build and amplify our brands and it’s more important than ever in this COVID-19 world that we position ourselves correctly or risk to stay invisible and miss out on opportunities.

You don’t have any time to waste to get it right.

After this session, you will know how to:

  • Focus on the most important features of your LinkedIn profile and save time
  • Generate engaging, stand out content for them that will get viewers attention
  • Create a strong visual impact that reflects your position, strength & objectives
  • Highlight your career and/or business interest to attract interest
  • Market yourself & your business in an engaging, impacting but subtle way
  • Use insider tips to stand out even more
  • Use the time now wisely. Don’t miss opportunities and make yourself, your business and organization seen in today’s new world by using LinkedIn.
Claudia Löber-Raab

About The Presenter

Claudia is a highly skilled strategic communications professional, passionate and experienced journalist and innovative coach, trainer & facilitator – online and in person. She has successfully worked in several countries for international media outlets like Associated Press and with various sized businesses, organisations – profit and not for profit – as well as individuals ranging from students to senior executives and CEOs with a broad range of backgrounds.

Her unique skill is to engage and connect people through strategic communication and strategically chosen content that appeals to people’s emotions and intellect. This is crucial and the only way to build and manifest brands and raise long-lasting awareness, reputation and achieve a desired outcomes.

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