Neue Praktikantin: Herzlich Willkommen Xixi Zou – neues Team-Mitglied bei Deutsche in Melbourne

Neue Deutsche in Melbourne Praktikantin: Xixi Zou

Fantastische Nachrichten! Xixi Zou wird uns in den nächsten acht Wochen als neue virtuelle Deutsche in Melbourne-Praktikantin unterstützen. Seit der Gründung von DiM 2007 haben zahlreiche Praktikantin und Praktikantinnen unser Team bereichert und bei uns praktische Erfahrungen gesammelt sowie ihre Portfolios reichlich gefüllt mit Arbeitsproben, sei es im  Journalismus, im Marketing, PR, Event Management oder Graphik und Design Bereich. Einge – die meisten sogar – haben es weit gebracht in ihrer Karriere, worauf wir super stolz sind.

Wir lieben es und sehen es als unsere Aufgabe, unsere Erfahrungen weiter zu geben und jungen Nachwuchstalenten einen soliden Start zu geben und freuen uns daher um so mehr, nach einer Programm-Pause, jetzt wieder für Praktikanten-Bewerbungen offen zu sein (mehr Info hier) Und natürlich freuen wir uns Xixi Zou als unsere erste Praktikantin in der neuen Runde zu begrüßen. Vorstellen lassen wir sie sich am besten selbst! 

“Great choice to get out of my comfort zone”

“I was born and grew up in Shandong province in China. In 2016, I spent my summer holiday with my family in South Korea, where we visited many universities. I suddenly asked myself: “Why not studying abroad?” One year later, I graduated from high school in China and was convinced that studying overseas would be a great choice for me to get out of my comfort zone and improve myself. My parents supported and encouraged my to do so.

I had already bought a book about studying in Australia when I was young, which got me interested in the Australian culture and education. In October 2017, the big day had arrived and I boarded the plane heading towards Sydney all by myself. With hindsight, it was probably the bravest decision I had made being just 17 years old.

Xixi Zou am Strand von Sydney

Currently, I´m a third-year student studying for a Bachelor of Communication degree majoring in Digital and Social Media at the University of Technology in Sydney. I have been studying communication & media studies, UX and digital app design. I developed my interest in public relations and event planning and I am looking forward to working in the PR & digital marketing industry in the future, in particular, working for PR agencies.

DiM: Important online magazine for expats

Xixi Zou - Deutsche in Melbourne´s new intern - volunteering to help new students arriving in Australia to settle in

I applied for the DiM internship because I have joined a Global Short Program at UTS for which I am required to study or intern with an institution or company globally.

Through this amazing opportunity, I had the chance to get to know Deutsche in Melbourne. There are similar online publications about living in Australia in Chinese, which helped me a lot when I first came here. Therefore, when I first heard about Deutsche in Melbourne, I had the empathy to understand the importance of such an online magazine to help expats fitting into the new lifestyle in Australia.

With the DiM internship, I´m hoping to gain industry relevant experience and improve my professional skill set. This is also an opportunity for me to explore an interesting field that I am passionate about and which could inspire me to discover a specific job I want to be involved with after finishing my studies.

Get to know more about German culture

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring food, travelling and doing some workouts. I have followed a German social media influencer who lives in China and produces many vlogs in Chinese. I remember that he introduced traditional German food and Christmas night markets, which helped me to get a small insight into German culture. I look forward to getting to know more about Germany and other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland through this opportunity.

My favourite quote is “Great things never come from comfort zones.” I have always believed that getting out of the comfort zone is the best way to grow and make changes in life. I know that when I get out of my comfort zone to try something new, there will definitely be an inspiring journey for me. For the next eight weeks, this will be a DiM inspired journey I am very much looking forward to.”

Xixi in einer Kampagne für internationale Studenten in Sydney

Jetzt bewerben für virtuelles Praktikum

Deutsche in Melbourn nimmt jetzt Bewerbungen entgegen für Praktikanten-Stellen im Journalismus, Marketing und vor allem Grafik Design Bereich. Mehr Informationen.

Copyright Deutsche in Melbourne 2020. Images courtesy of Xixi Zou

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